One-Day Dipping Season for Smelt in Lower Sandy River on Thursday

One-Day Dipping Season for Smelt in Lower Sandy River on Thursday

The much-awaited one-day dipping season for smelt in the lower Sandy River is finally here. The event will take place on Thursday, according to Bill Monroe, a renowned environmentalist and fishing enthusiast.

Monroe announced that everyone looking to participate in the event would have a 10-pound limit on smelt. This means that participants can only catch up to 10 pounds of fish during the day-long event.

Smelt enthusiasts from all over are expected to converge at the lower Sandy River for this rare opportunity. Smelt is considered a delicacy by many and is usually available only during certain times of the year.

The one-day dipping season provides an excellent opportunity for people who love smelt to get their hands on them without having to wait long periods or go through other bureaucratic regulations.

"Smelt dipping is an essential part of our culture, and I am glad we can all come together once again for this unique experience," said Monroe.

To ensure that everyone enjoys themselves safely, Monroe advised participants always to follow safety guidelines when fishing near rivers or streams. He stated that it was crucial always to wear life jackets and avoid standing too close to fast-moving watercourses.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something fun and exciting to do this Thursday, head down to the lower Sandy River with your dip net as there's no better way than spending time outdoors while catching some delicious fish!