Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Report Flickering Screen Issue

Resident Evil 4 Remake Players Report Flickering Screen Issue

Players of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake have been reporting a frustrating issue with the game: flickering screens. While some players have not experienced this problem, others have reported that it has made their gaming experience less enjoyable.

The root of the problem is reportedly on the developer's side, and many fans are eagerly awaiting a fix. However, in the meantime, there is a workaround that can help mitigate the issue.

According to reports from affected players, one solution is to turn off HDR (High Dynamic Range) on your console or PC settings. This method has worked for some players who were experiencing flickering screens during gameplay.

While turning off HDR may not be an ideal solution for all players, it should at least make playing Resident Evil 4 Remake more bearable until Capcom releases an official patch to address this issue.

Capcom has yet to release any statements regarding this matter but fans hope they will soon take notice and provide a fix as soon as possible.

In conclusion, while it may be disappointing for fans to experience such issues with their favorite game title upon its release date; it is reassuring that there are workarounds available while we wait for an official resolution from Capcom.