Trail Blazers Embrace Tank Mode: Blazer Focused Podcast

Trail Blazers Embrace Tank Mode: Blazer Focused Podcast

The Portland Trail Blazers have set their trajectory for the upcoming NBA draft lottery, and according to the Blazer Focused podcast, it's a smart decision.

In their latest episode, the Blazer Focused podcast discusses why entering tank mode is the right move for the struggling team. With a record of 18-24, the Blazers are currently sitting at ninth place in the Western Conference standings.

Tank mode refers to intentionally losing games in order to increase your chances of getting a higher pick in the draft lottery. While some may see this as giving up on the season, others argue that it's a strategic move to improve long-term success.

According to Blazer Focused co-hosts Evan McCarthy and Sam Arney, "It's not about giving up on this season. It's about making sure we have more tools moving forward."

The podcast breaks down how being in tank mode would allow Portland to potentially acquire top talent through high draft picks or trades with other teams looking to offload players for future assets.

"The Blazers need young talent," says McCarthy. "And if they can get a couple of good picks out of this year's draft or use them as trade pieces later on, that will help build towards another championship run."

While tanking is often controversial among fans and analysts alike, many successful teams throughout NBA history have utilized it as part of their rebuilding process.

Only time will tell if Portland’s embrace of tank mode will pay off in future seasons. However, at least according to Blazer Focused podcast hosts Evan McCarthy and Sam Arney - it’s certainly worth taking that chance!