Watchung Native Anthony Volpe Set to Start for Yankees on Opening Day

Watchung Native Anthony Volpe Set to Start for Yankees on Opening Day

Watchung, N.J. - As the New York Yankees prepare to kick off their 2022 season, all eyes are on rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe. The Watchung native won the starting position after an impressive showing in spring training, and now has the backing of his idol and former Yankee great, Derek Jeter.

Volpe's journey to this moment began at a young age when he fell in love with baseball while playing Little League in Watchung. He quickly became known as a standout player and went on to play at Delbarton High School before being drafted by the Yankees in 2019.

After spending time honing his skills in the minor leagues, Volpe impressed during spring training this year and beat out more experienced players for the coveted starting shortstop position. Despite some initial skepticism from fans and analysts alike, Volpe proved that he had what it takes to make it onto one of baseball's most storied teams.

But perhaps even more significant than his performance on the field is Volpe's connection with Jeter. Growing up watching him play for the Yankees inspired Volpe in many ways, including modeling his own game after Jeter's. Now that he has earned a spot on the team himself, having Jeter's support means everything.

"I can't believe I'll be starting where my hero once played," said Volpe when asked about his upcoming debut. "It means so much to have Derek rooting for me."

Yankees manager Aaron Boone also expressed confidence in Volpe: "He earned this opportunity through hard work and dedication," he said. "We're excited to see what he can do."

As opening day approaches, all eyes will be on Anthony Volpe as he steps up to bat for one of baseball's most iconic teams – but if his past performances are any indication, there is no doubt that he is up for the challenge.