Finland's Sanna Marin Expected to Win the Finnish Election on May 8th

On Sunday, Finns will be heading to the polls to vote in an election that could determine not only their future government but also whether Prime Minister Sanna Marin continues leading the country as it enters NATO.

Marin, who gained international attention for her feminist politics and young age when she became prime minister at just 34 years old, is expected to win the election. However, polls indicate a tight race that could unseat her.

The campaign has been dominated by discussions of economic and security aftershocks of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But there's more at stake than just domestic policy. The election marks the beginning of a new era in sports business ownership across the globe.

In recent years, sports teams and leagues have seen ownership shift from media and technology companies towards finance and real estate businesses. These decisions have huge consequences for communities, cities, even entire countries.

With no single party large enough to command a majority without governing partners, Finland is likely headed into lengthy negotiations to form a ruling coalition following this weekend's election results. Regardless of who takes up residence in Helsinki's Parliament House after these negotiations conclude or whether Finland joins NATO or not, one thing is clear: whoever leads Finland will be making consequential decisions about its future relationship with both Russia and other nations - including those involved in global sports business deals.