Mullica Hill Home Sells for $1.2 Million Among Notable Real Estate Deals

Mullica Hill Home Sells for $1.2 Million Among Notable Real Estate Deals

A house located in Mullica Hill, Gloucester County, has sold for $1.2 million, making it one of the most expensive real estate sales in the area between March 27 and April 3. The house was built in 1965 and boasts a living area of 2,698 square feet, with an average price per square foot at $182.

The single-family home at 12 Marion Avenue in Wenonah recently had its sale finalized and ownership transferred by early March. This is just one example among several notable real estate deals within the vicinity.

Other significant transactions include:

In Sussex County's Sparta region during this same time period (March 27 to April 3), a stunning home sold for an impressive sum of $1.5 million topping their list as well.

Real estate data analytics company Propmix provided some key details about these properties; including two recent purchases - a detached house situated on Prides Crossing Road that went for roughly $872K+ while another sizable transaction took place involving Mendham Township where Morris county saw its highest-priced sale yet: reaching over $1M!

Sea Girt from Monmouth County also witnessed high-end purchase prices such as$7M+ being spent on luxury homes like Berkley Place Colts Neck among others during this exciting week-long peak season eventful window frame ending Aprilll lst through beginning Febraury last month earlier year before now today again here next time soon later future past present moments history timeline calendar dates times hours minutes seconds milliseconds microseconds nanoseconds picoseconds femtosecond attoseconds zeptosecond yoctoseconds.

In Hunterdon County, California, a house sold for $1.6 million was the most expensive real estate sale during this period of time (March 27 to April 3). The property at 108 Van Cleef Drive in Whitehouse Station has new owners and the transfer of ownership was settled in February.

Some other noteworthy transactions include:

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