Tennessee Democrat Lawmaker Survives Expulsion Vote Amid Controversy

Tennessee Democrat Lawmaker Survives Expulsion Vote Amid Controversy

A Democrat lawmaker in Tennessee survived a vote to expel her from the state legislature on Thursday, despite falling just one vote short. Rep. Gloria Johnson, who is White, was able to avoid expulsion due to the color of her skin. Her colleague Rep. Justin Jones reached the necessary threshold to remove him, while another Democrat, Justin Pearson, was expelled in a third vote.

The three faced expulsion following their roles in a protest calling for gun control after an incident at a private Christian school in Nashville that killed six people. The White House called the expected expulsions "shocking, undemocratic and without precedent."

This Friday briefing included not only news about this dramatic night but also discussions of proposed blanket bans on books across 20 states and Walmart announcing plans for thousands more EV charging stations.

The Supreme Court also addressed trans athletes' issues for the first time as part of these conversations happening around America today.

Tennessee lawmakers have had turbulent pasts with various political scandals tarnishing its landscape recently; Republicans are desperately trying now more than ever before since half their number will face opponents next year during elections when they attempt re-election bids onto ballots come 2022's voting season!

President Joe Biden has been quite active legislatively speaking: he vetoed yet another bill (bringing total vetoes up over 1 thousand) which sought overturn protections surrounding waterways within our nation borders while Justice Department arrest numbers soar higher every day thanks mainly efforts detaining those responsible acts violence committed against Capitol building January sixth last month