Ukraine President Zelenskiy to Attend G7 Summit in Hiroshima Amid New Sanctions Against Russia

Ukraine President Zelenskiy to Attend G7 Summit in Hiroshima Amid New Sanctions Against Russia

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is set to make a surprise appearance at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, as leaders prepare to announce new sanctions against Russia. The measures aim to disrupt Russia's ability to obtain materials needed on the battlefield, close loopholes used for evading sanctions, reduce international reliance on Russian energy further and limit Moscow's access to the global financial system.

Reports have surfaced that the US and other members of the Group of Seven major economies plan to unveil new sanctions and export controls targeting Russia during the summit. The UK has also announced a range of new sanctions ahead of this important meeting.

In recent developments, Ukraine has utilized long-range Storm Shadow missiles provided by Britain and claimed it successfully repelled a day-long series of Russian attacks in and around Bakhmut city's ruins. Meanwhile, Kremlin officials confirmed an upcoming visit from an African delegation intending to negotiate peace agreements concerning the conflict in Ukraine.

As world leaders gather at the G7 summit this Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is anticipated to join them personally. Several countries' decisions are expected: The UK will likely impose bans on Russian diamonds and metal imports; simultaneously, 70 entities will be added onto America’s export blacklist.

While these discussions take place among world leaders, Ukrainian forces continue battling against ongoing assaults from Russia within their borders. On Thursday alone, they managed not only defending Bakhmut city but also withstanding attacks launched towards its northern and southern suburbs alike.

Air raid alerts were sent out across various cities throughout Ukraine overnight as explosions shook residential areas countrywide—millions now eagerly await news regarding potential counteroffensive strategies discussed during these crucial diplomatic talks between nations present at this year's G7 summit held within Hiroshima City limits themselves